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Extreme Snow Loads Are No Longer a Problem for the Mottolino Headquarters in Livigno, Italy

BEMO standing seam roofs are used in all climate zones around the world - including in the Mottolino ski resort in the Italian Alps, where high roof snow loads are normal. The ski resort combines, among other things, conference rooms, co-working spaces, and a restaurant in an area of around 6,000 m². Due to the size of the resort, there is an immense snow load on the roof of the resort. That is why the new main building received a standing seam roof that can carry the heavy snow load on the roof. With the help of precise calculations by the BEMO experts, the building was given an individual roof solution which also fits perfectly into the building's appearance.

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High-rise renovation with flexible BEMO-PRIMO facade

There are many reasons to renovate a high-rise facade. For a high-rise building in Schramberg in the Black Forest, a curved, energetic facade renovation of 3,000 m² was planned as part of the modernisation. The goal: an effective U-value of 0.20 W / m²K as well as the fulfillment of the highest fire protection requirements through the high-rise renovation. The choice was a curtain-ventilated facade made of metal from BEMO.

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Requirements for a swimming pool roof with variable outside temperatures

In swimming pools, unusual architecture can provide special bathing fun. However, it is not only a question of unique architecture, but also of the right construction. Because with swimming pools special conditions have to be met in the construction of the building envelope. A thermal building envelope is required, which plays a central role in addition to the system and building technology - especially on the swimming pool roof.

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Wei-Wu-Ying Center Of The Arts, Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

Il Wei-Wu-Ying-Center è il fiore all´occhiello dell´architettura della regione e si basa sul progetto di design di Mecanoo Architecten (Paesi Bassi). 

Recentemente questo grande progetto è stato inaugurato.

BEMO era stata coinvolta giá nelle prime fasi del progetto, contribuendo a rendere realtá il design elaborato dagli architetti grazie alla sua competenza nella progettazione di coperture a forma libera con il suo prodotto di punta BEMO-MONRO.

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