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Special Facade Design for Emser Thermenhotel

White-golden facade for the new “Emser Thermenhotel” in Germany thanks to an individual facade design with BEMO: A new 4-star thermal spa hotel was built on the banks of the Lahn in the immediate vicinity of the “Emser Therme”. The building has 84 double rooms, seminar rooms, a restaurant and a rooftop bar. In cooperation with the company Wittenauer, which provided the planning for the façade, the hotel was covered with around 1,500 sqm of BEMO-BOND composite façade panels in the colour Pure White. The clean facade image is loosened up by facade projections, which have received a golden BEMO-UNIKO cladding as a contrast.

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Curved BEMO-MONRO Panels form Media Facade of Novartis Pavilion

A public place for encounters, learning, and dialogue – the pharmaceutical company Novartis in Basel is dedicated to these goals with the Novartis Pavilion. The building envelope with an area of around 2,500 sqm and thus also the basis for the media facade were realised with curved BEMO standing seam sheets. An LED mesh was then clamped onto these without penetration, so that the zero-energy media facade simultaneously generates electricity as a light source.

In addition to the architecture, a special feature were the thousands of clamps that securely and permanently fasten the LED mesh, which weighs several tons, to the standing seam sheets. In addition, there was the requirement for a very matt surface so that the lighting can be shown to its best advantage.

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The Sixth Time in a Row: BEMO Receives the RoSPA Award 2022

BEMO Project Engineering UK Ltd based in Derbyshire, is celebrating after landing an internationally-recognised award for demonstrating high health and safety standards – a gold award from the RoSPA Award 2022. Since 1993, the RoSPA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents) has presented annual awards for excellence in health and safety across a variety of industry sectors. The criteria: Participating companies show a robust and high-quality safety management and, in addition, consistently excellent or continuously improving health and safety performance over a period of at least four years.

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Photovoltaic Standing Seam Solar Roof for Aircraft Manufacturers in Switzerland

Already in 2018, BEMO installed the standing seam roof on the wooden construction of the aircraft manufacturer Pilatus in Stans, Switzerland, which is located directly next to the A2 motorway. The hall has a size of almost two soccer fields and enabled the installation of 4.996 solar modules. The roof from BEMO created the precondition for the solar system. In rich dark green, the standing seam roof and part of the facade fit in perfectly with the surroundings. As a particularly robust and durable roof, it now forms the basis for one of the largest solar power plants in Central Switzerland. With the support of BEMO, the aircraft manufacturer is taking a big step forward towards a climate-neutral aircraft production.

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Modern Façade for the New Fitness Studio on the BUNTWEBEREI Area in Eislingen

New life is moving into the area of the former weaving mill A. Wurster & Cie. on the federal road B10 in Eislingen. The colour-weaving mill in the Filstal should not only be the new "place to be" in a business context, but also offer private citizens a place to linger as well as for weddings, birthdays, and other occasions. Between the company building, the hotel and the boiler house, a new fitness studio combines training and spa in a unique location. BEMO supplied the modern façade made of 0.75 mm Steel in anthracite grey for the building. This façade design creates a contrast to the red brick façades while the former industrial character of the site is conveyed.

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BEMO with a difference: Perforated Metal Balcony Railings for Residential Complex

There are always extraordinary projects for BEMO - this time in Vienna. In the capital of Austria, which has twice been declared as the most liveable city, a new building complex is being built with apartments tailored to different living needs - featuring perforated metal balcony railings from BEMO. For the residential construction project Eisring South, BEMO supplied approx. 2,335m² of balcony railings made of rectangular perforated special edge profiles and BEMO perforated sheets as balcony cladding for around 550 apartments. The choice fell on edge profiles and perforated sheets for good reasons.

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Google Mountain View New Buildings - With BEMO Metal Standing Seam Roof Panels

Google is in the final phases of building two new campuses in Mountain View, CA. One at Charleston East (in the midst of their current HQ campus) and the second on NASA’s Moffett Field a couple of blocks away. Unlike the existing buildings it now occupies, these new multi-building complexes are visually striking, skyline changing and an engineering challenge on almost every level. The new Google buildings join other notable mega-companies in the area that are not only transforming technology and communications but also building one-of- a-kind architectural landmarks. The construction of the Google Mountain View buildings is supported by BEMO aluminium standing seam roof panels.

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BEMO Mirror Facade on the Rimac Campus

The 70,000 m² production plant of the new Rimac Campus will have a BEMO profile cladding as a mirror facade. The Hypercar manufacturer Rimac is building a new campus for the development and production of electric cars and e-bikes in Sveta Nedelja, just a few kilometres from the centre of Zagreb. The vision: A place where the most exciting and powerful electric sports cars in the world are developed and which also shows this to the outside world. A place that reflects the Rimac spirit through the BEMO facade system.

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BEMO metal roof for chamber music hall

The renowned Kronberg Academy in the Taunus will be expanded to include the Casals Forum. BEMO is responsible for putting the crown on the chamber music hall: With a standing seam covering as the basis for the shingle roof, which turns the art inside out. The new chamber music hall will have an extraordinary and spectacular roof system with an overlying roof cladding, which – with its imposing appearance – prepares the guests for their visit to the chamber music hall. And this roof will not only remain in the minds of the guests.

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Façade profile with visual appeal for a petrol station in Dorfen

Gas stations don't just have to be functional buildings, they can also set architectural precedents. This is proven by the new service area on a section of the A 94 with an unusual façade profile. The entrepreneur Manfred Singer, who already runs other gas stations and shops in the region, wanted to create a new building for the gas station at the “entrance to the town of Dorfen” that has a certain recognition value and that people will remember. BEMO proved to be the ideal partner for this project, turning the ordinary into the extraordinary.

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BEMO Building Facade & Roof Cladding Made of Aluminum in Reykjavik

A building façade from BEMO and an aluminum roof skin with a golden look give the new district of Kirkjusandur in the Icelandic capital Reykjavik a special appearance. In the last two years, a unique mixed settlement has arisen in the city right on the beach. As part of this new district, the “Stuðlaborg” building has 77 apartments and is arranged in an unusual shape. The appearance of the building is broken, as if it consists of several separate buildings. The BEMO team was called in for the planning and implementation, and with its flexible and individually adaptable roof and façade systems, it offered the ideal solution for the architects' ideas.

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Roof renovation with a complete solution from BEMO

A defective roof covering with permanent water ingress, which had already damaged the roof and supporting structure in some areas, impaired the daily use of the Interspar RUM supermarket in Innsbruck. The requirements for a roof renovation: A new, durable roof covering adapted to the climatic conditions (snow, ice & wind) as well as the upgrading of the safety equipment on the roof according to current standards. In search of a complete solution including structural analysis, building physics, works planning, site concept and on-site production, the choice fell on BEMO and its 360° Service.

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Extreme Snow Loads Are No Longer a Problem for the Mottolino Headquarters in Livigno, Italy

BEMO standing seam roofs are used in all climate zones around the world - including in the Mottolino ski resort in the Italian Alps, where high roof snow loads are normal. The ski resort combines, among other things, conference rooms, co-working spaces, and a restaurant in an area of around 6,000 m². Due to the size of the resort, there is an immense snow load on the roof of the resort. That is why the new main building received a standing seam roof that can carry the heavy snow load on the roof. With the help of precise calculations by the BEMO experts, the building was given an individual roof solution which also fits perfectly into the building's appearance.

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Curved BEMO-BOND INVISIO facade cladding for a flowing office building shape

A well-rounded affair - in Markdorf, Baden-Württemberg, BEMO has clad an office building with a curved BEMO-BOND INVISIO facade. The challenge: the flowing, organic shape of the building envelope. Thanks to the planning services of our team of experts, however, the implementation of facade cladding on monolithic buildings is not a problem.

A curved substructure and the BEMO-INVISIO facade system with curved BEMO-BOND facade composite panels were used to successfully clad the 800m² facade area. The tightest curve radius was 1000mm, making this design exceptionally unique.

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High-rise renovation with flexible BEMO-PRIMO facade

There are many reasons to renovate a high-rise facade. For a high-rise building in Schramberg in the Black Forest, a curved, energetic facade renovation of 3,000 m² was planned as part of the modernisation. The goal: an effective U-value of 0.20 W / m²K as well as the fulfillment of the highest fire protection requirements through the high-rise renovation. The choice was a curtain-ventilated facade made of metal from BEMO.

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Institut des sciences et de la technologie de Skolkovo, Russie

Le projet de l'institut de recherche Skolkovo montre les capacités du BEMO de plusieurs manières. BEMO était le fournisseur du système complet de l'ensemble de toiture, y compris les produits complémentaires tels que les chemins de roulement, la protection antichute, etc. En outre, BEMO était responsable de l'ingénierie, du contrôle de la qualité et de la supervision. Un projet complètement réussi.

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Wei-Wu-Ying Center Of The Arts, Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

Le Wei-Wu-Ying-Center est le produit phare de l'architecture de la région et est basé sur le projet de conception de Mecanoo Architecten (Pays-Bas).

Récemment, ce grand projet a été inauguré.

BEMO était déjà impliqué dans les premières étapes du projet, contribuant à concrétiser la conception développée par les architectes grâce à son expertise dans la conception de toitures de forme libre avec son produit phare BEMO-MONRO.

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