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BEMO Mirror Facade on the Rimac Campus

Reflective Corrugated Profile Facade for Production Building Near Zagreb

Marcel Epple


BEMO Mirror Facade on the Rimac Campus

The 70,000 m² production plant of the new Rimac Campus will have a BEMO profile cladding as a mirror facade. The Hypercar manufacturer Rimac is building a new campus for the development and production of electric cars and e-bikes in Sveta Nedelja, just a few kilometres from the centre of Zagreb. The vision: A place where the most exciting and powerful electric sports cars in the world are developed and which also shows this to the outside world. A place that reflects the Rimac spirit through the BEMO facade system.

The architects from 3LHD incorporated the designs of the Rimac products into the planning of the campus. BEMO is supporting the project with a 10,000 m² façade for the production building made of corrugated aluminum profiles (BEMO WP55-177). By using the flexible façade profiles from BEMO, the building is given an anodised “mirror look” – and so a mirrored façade as a real eye-catcher.

Campus of the Future - This Is Reflected in the BEMO Mirror Facade

Electric hypercars, e-bikes and innovative automotive technology: With the new location, Rimac combines, among other things, research and development, prototyping and design as well as production, administration, and management at one global location. In addition to all functional parts of the campus, there should also be space for a restaurant, kindergarten, hotel, and sports facilities. To do this, all elements of the campus are brought into harmony with nature, so that some buildings are partially hidden by the landscape, while certain parts are given special attention. One of these eye-catchers is the approx. 70,000 m² production building with a mirror facade.

Profile Facade With Corrugated Profiles for the Production Facility of the Future

The new production area combines everything from high-volume production to special projects in an efficient and adaptable way. The mirror facade is realized by BEMO from corrugated profiles. Corrugated profiles are an attractive and sustainable facade solution, especially for commercial and industrial projects. In the case of rear-ventilated curtain wall systems, the façade profiles are preferably installed on the Tekofix-A++ substructure, which is free of thermal bridges.

Depending on the surface of the façade there are four different sine waves to choose from in addition to countless colours, surfaces, and materials. Each profile can be laid both horizontally and vertically and thus offers numerous design options. A mirrored profile facade can also be implemented in this way.

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Renderings © Studio 3LHD

Marcel Epple

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