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Façade profile with visual appeal for a petrol station in Dorfen

Filling station in a "golden" dress: facade profile for the glamorous filling station

Roger Weihrauch


Façade profile with visual appeal for a petrol station in Dorfen

Gas stations don't just have to be functional buildings, they can also set architectural precedents. This is proven by the new service area on a section of the A 94 with an unusual façade profile. The entrepreneur Manfred Singer, who already runs other gas stations and shops in the region, wanted to create a new building for the gas station at the “entrance to the town of Dorfen” that has a certain recognition value and that people will remember. BEMO proved to be the ideal partner for this project, turning the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Façade profile made of aluminum for the extraordinary gas station

From the outside it looks like a star restaurant. The golden facade profile and the high-quality glass front cancel out any gas station flair. However, to get to this end result, a complex process was necessary: The design and color of the facade was preceded by a complex sampling process. We at BEMO supported the architectural office with sample profiles, detailed proposals, a cost estimate and a tender proposal.

Skillful architecture ensures extraordinary play of colors on the Autobahn

For the characteristic facade of the main building and the car wash, the client decided on a BEMO special profile. This profile, which is based on a barcode, has a width of 810 mm and a depth of the upstands of 25 mm. An interesting interplay of light and shadow is created by the irregularly arranged faces of different widths of the upper chords. The golden shimmer of the facade profile ensures a high-quality and warm color scheme and draws attention from afar. Due to the vertical arrangement of the profile strips and the deliberate subdivision with a horizontal joint, the façade has a particularly harmonious effect and there are new plays of light from every angle.

Robust material for a long-lasting facade profile with a WOW effect

When choosing the base material, the choice fell on aluminum t= 1.0 mm with a top anodization in G30. The longevity and thus also the economic efficiency of this material as well as the high-quality and golden shimmering appearance of the facade played a central role.

Break in style with the fuel pump roof – modern construction makes it possible

In the area of ​​the fuel pump canopy, the client also opted for a product from BEMO Systems GmbH. Our BEMO-BOND composite panel was used here. These large-format panels are particularly suitable for facades that require a high-quality, even appearance. The panels of the facade profiles are easy to process and easy to assemble. The large selection of colors and the possibility of factory assembly are another plus point of this product. They can be ordered in different formats and then cut to the desired dimensions.

At the Dorfen petrol station, the look of the petrol pump roof provides a contrast to the main building and thus emphasises the brilliance of the façade profile. At the same time, however, the combination of both building structures makes it appear like an architectural synthesis of the arts.

Modern architecture meets security

For us, building beauty and safety go hand in hand. BEMO was also commissioned with the creation of the static verifications and the layout plans for this project and was therefore involved in all decision-making processes. And that is a tremendous advantage: True to the motto "many cooks spoil the broth", BEMO has made it its task to combine all work steps in one company. This means that you also have a contact person who can provide you with information on all production steps at any time.

The Dorfen petrol station shines with new facade profiles

Golden facade profiles on the main building and on the car wash ensure a memorable stay. The modern and at the same time durable fuel pump canopy stands in visual contrast to the two main buildings and thus emphasises them. Overall, the gas station is an architectural work of art.

But the best compliment is when everyone involved is completely happy with the result. Because if our customers are satisfied, then so are we!

Roger Weihrauch

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En tant que directeur commercial de la vente de projets chez BEMO Systems, la résolution synergique des problèmes est la priorité absolue de Roger Weihrauch : des projets architecturaux uniques sont réalisés dans le monde entier avec passion et savoir-faire !