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Extreme Snow Loads Are No Longer a Problem for the Mottolino Headquarters in Livigno, Italy

Reinforced Standing Seam Roof for Ski Station With Roof Snow Load

Giacomo Magnifico


Extreme Snow Loads Are No Longer a Problem for the Mottolino Headquarters in Livigno, Italy

BEMO standing seam roofs are used in all climate zones around the world - including in the Mottolino ski resort in the Italian Alps, where high roof snow loads are normal. The ski resort combines, among other things, conference rooms, co-working spaces, and a restaurant in an area of around 6,000 m². Due to the size of the resort, there is an immense snow load on the roof of the resort. That is why the new main building received a standing seam roof that can carry the heavy snow load on the roof. With the help of precise calculations by the BEMO experts, the building was given an individual roof solution which also fits perfectly into the building's appearance.

The BEMO Standing Seam Roof Is Designed to accommodate Snow Load on the Roof

BEMO supplied the reinforced roof made of pre-painted aluminium multilayer PE in the colour green grey, which, like the zigzag shape of the roof, blends in perfectly with the existing building and the surrounding area. With the option of freely choosing and designing surfaces and colours at BEMO, not only requirements for stability, sustainability, and quality - especially regarding the snow load on the roof - can be implemented, but also individual ideas and visual requirements are fulfilled.

BEMO standing seam roofs are particularly robust against the effects of the weather. Even high roof snow loads, as can be expected in ski areas, are no problem thanks to reinforced standing seams and the panels can withstand up to 20kN / sqm. The distances between the BEMO system brackets can be varied and the distance selected depends on the load. In addition, the anchor point, which introduces the main load into the anchoring base, can be statically verified for the project and the situation and resolved structurally. It doesn't matter whether the surface is made of wood, steel or concrete.

So that the snow load stays safely on the roof and there are no dangerous leaks, the structural engineers from BEMO also calculate the respective number of snow guards and stoppers at the same time, so that there is an all-round safe package for the construction and the visitors.

In addition to the penetration-free installation of the roof, the gutter was also welded using the TIG process to guarantee perfect watertightness, which must be planned in due to the snow load and the melting snow. The ski resort received an individual roof solution that adapts perfectly to all conditions and requirements and guarantees the necessary stability under snow loads.

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Giacomo Magnifico

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Giacomo Magnifico est le directeur régional des ventes de BEMO en Italie. Il est un ingénieur en structure techniquement expérimenté et en même temps un gestionnaire avec une expérience commerciale qui accompagne les clients dans le développement et la réalisation d'enveloppes métalliques de bâtiments.