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High-rise renovation with flexible BEMO-PRIMO facade

New facade for a high-rise in Schramberg

Johannes Huber


High-rise renovation with flexible BEMO-PRIMO facade

There are many reasons to renovate a high-rise facade. For a high-rise building in Schramberg in the Black Forest, a curved, energetic facade renovation of 3,000 m² was planned as part of the modernisation. The goal: an effective U-value of 0.20 W / m²K as well as the fulfillment of the highest fire protection requirements through the high-rise renovation. The choice was a curtain-ventilated facade made of metal from BEMO.

360 ° all-round service for a successful high-rise renovation

In order to meet the set requirements, BEMO supported the high-rise renovation from the start with the complete 360 ° service. This included static preliminary measurements, U-value calculations and detailed system advice. The combination of an almost thermal bridge-free substructure (TEKOFIX A - ++) with the flexible BEMO-PRIMO clip-on facade turned out to be ideal for the high-rise facade. Work planning and details complement the planning services of BEMO.

Low U-values, high fire resistance, economical installation

The almost thermal bridge-free substructure TEKOFIX A - ++ guarantees the lowest U-values and, thanks to the selective stainless steel structure, also meets the highest fire protection requirements after the high-rise renovation. The quality of the thermal console is guaranteed by the passive house certificate. BEMO-PRIMO panels made of 1.25mm thick steel were mounted on this TEKOFIX A - ++ substructure. What is special is the innovative fixed point technology, so that individual PRIMO panels can also be replaced after installation - for example in the event of damage or irreversible soiling of the high-rise facade. In addition to the economic and practical advantages, BEMO-PRIMO facades also look high-quality and elegant.

Johannes Huber

A propos de l'auteur

Johannes Huber est directeur des ventes pour l'Allemagne, l'Autriche et la Suisse. Sa vision est de trouver des solutions individuelles pour des bâtiments uniques. En plus de son travail dans la vente, Johannes soutient le développement de produits avec des idées passionnantes, l'entreprise de projets avec des années d'expérience et travaille également en étroite collaboration avec le marketing.