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Calculation of the U-Value

Calculation of the U-Value

The interaction of the requirements of structural analysis and building physics and customers’ preferences can be challenging at times. It is exactly at this point that BEMO can offer solutions and approaches that take all requirements into account using tried & tested system solutions or special solutions based on our experience.

We focus on avoiding heat bridges at selected points since they have an incredibly negative effect on the thermal insulation of a building. Savings of up to 75% of the insulation package can be made if optimum use of made of materials. This is a major financial plus and makes more filigree structures possible with the same insulation performance.

BEMO’s service package can include on request optimisation of roof and façade structures, proof of the corresponding OHTC value and calculation of the dewpoint. And, of course, taking punctiform heat bridges in the system structures into consideration. 



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