Standing Seam Profiles

Freeform, flowing transitions from the roof to the façade, or very long individual tracks for maximum safety on roofs with a slight incline. 

Internationally Certified

Independent test and approvals, e.g. DIBT in Germany, BBA in England or FM Global in America, certify the quality and function of the system. BEMO standing seam products satisfy every requirement and are available with the following options:


  • Available materials: Aluminium, steel, stainless steel, copper, titanium zinc.
  • Surfaces: coated, natural, natural stuccoed, brushed
  • Colour systems: BEMO-FLON, PVDF, HDP, polyester
  • Colours: according to the customer’s wishes 

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N 50

with a base height of 50 mm and variable profile widths.

It has a filigree and aesthetic appearance and is therefore also used on smaller roof or facade areas such as single-pitch roofs of residential buildings. 

N 50
N 65

with a base height of 65 mm and variable profile widths. 

N 65

Because of the high base height the profile is especially well suited to roofs with a low pitch. It also offers very good load bearing capacity and hence good structural values. 

VF 65

with a base height of 65 mm and variable profile widths. 

The profile lies fully flush when installed on rigid insulation and roof boarding. A special mould holds the holding base in place and does not leave any marks. This profile is often used to renovate old roofs. 

VF 65
Variable with Special Designs

The number and position of the stabilising centre beads is variable and can be individually defined as a design element. 

The BEMO standing seam profiles are available in special designs:

  • with fleece to protect against condensation water
  • with a sound-proofing layer to deaden the sound of rain
  • perforated as shading elements in the façade

Lengths of considerably more than 100 meters are feasible for on-site production.

Variable with Special Designs

Videos about the product

You can find all BEMO videos in our video library or on our YouTube channel.

Standing Seam Roof
Standing Seam Roof

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