BEMO Standing Seam and Holder

The BEMO standing seam system also offers unimagined possibilities for façade design. 

BEMO Standing Seam and Holder

Varying profile widths from 100 mm to 800 mm, 2 profile heights, almost endless panel lengths, parallel, conical and “free-form” profiles give architects, designers and planners the widest range of options. The materials used are normally aluminium or steel, but can also be stainless steel, zinc or copper. The radii for arched profiles start at 600 mm, depending on the design.

Convex and concave radii are possible. The impermeable and hence invisible fastenings satisfy the most sophisticated expectations while ensuring maximum safety.

Linear expansion along the system holders is unproblematic, permanent and ensures a long service life.

  • Aluminium holder 
  • FRP holder
  • PUR thermal holder 
BEMO-DOME Substructure

The BEMO-DOME substructure offers the right substructure solution for cylindrical building shapes or those curved around 2 axes.

Covering options range from metallic trapezoidal and corrugated profiles through to conical or free-form BEMO-MONRO tracks. Whether for a wall structure with or without back ventilation, the BEMO-DOME substructure satisfies all requirements.

In order to achieve perfect results, for this substructure system we recommend carrying out a 3D scan for on-site BOQ and 3D execution planning. 

BEMO-DOME Substructure

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