Sustainable and durable flat roof renovation 


BEMO-ELEVATE was developed specially for renovating old or damaged flat roofs.

Normally the old roofing foil does not have to be removed. This allows business to continue as usual in the building while the roof is renovated.

Structural tests and building physics analyses are carried out at the start of a sustainable and durable renovation of a roof using metal profiles. In areas with rigid insulation, BEMO-ELEVATE can be applied directly to the existing roof area. Soft areas or areas where the supporting structure is not known are opened up and the ELEVATE profiles are screwed directly to the supporting surface. Through the structure of the ELEVATE supporting structure we are able to give the roof a new, preferably slightly inclined shape for safe run-off of rainwater. The space created can be utilised to improve insulation of the building.

As a result you will have a new, very low-maintenance, very safe and durable roof.

Frequent repairs and maintenance work on the roof are things of the past. 


High-end design with the additional factor of safety 

Contemporary architecture calls more and more for a smooth, metal building envelope. BEMO-SMOOTH provides a safe and easy option to build smooth surfaces without penetrating the water-bearing layer comprised of BEMO standing seam profiles.

The BEMO-TOP mounting profile can be applied by the seaming machine in a second work step without penetrating the BEMO standing seam. The water-bearing layer is not penetrated and so remains undamaged and functional. The practically maintenance-free standing seam roof is both accessible and very robust mechanically. No additional sealing is required on the roof system.

The BEMO-TOP mounting profiles facilitate the sliding ability of the standing seam system when thermal linear expansion occurs. The smooth roof façade can be attached onto the flange of these rails. Rounded transitions from the roof into the façade are possible using the arched standing seam profiles. Even freeform areas can be created as smooth surfaces with MONRO profiles and the BEMO-SMOOTH system.

The BEMO-SMOOTH system provides a safe solution for almost every type of architecturally demanding shape of roof and façade. 


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