BEMO Standing Seam Special Profiles

The patented BEMO-MONRO system stands for flexible adaptability of metal coverings to almost any building geometry. 

BEMO Standing Seam Special Profiles


Each single track of a freeform building is often unique. The metal tracks are shaped in a single production step with millimetre precision on the basis of exact 3D measurements of the location where they will be installed on the building.

The MONRO system is normally used in combination with a three-dimensional movable substructure. Unevenness in the supporting structure can be quickly and easily compensated. BEMO 3D planning - often based on a 3D scan of the supporting structure - plans the system to be ready for assembly.

Conical, special profiles are used for large rotunda or cone-shaped buildings. A minimum width of 100 mm and a maximum covering width of 800 mm in a track means almost any requirement can be executed. The standing seam tracks are shaped in one production step to fit exactly, avoiding laborious cutting to size on the project.

All BEMO special profiles are also available in rounded shapes and in all materials.

BEMO standing seam – special rounded profiles

We create flowing building shapes with rounded standing seam tracks. 

A second production step, which is often used to optimise freight costs in combination with our mobile production facilities on site to ensure tracks fit exactly, transforms BEMO standing seam tracks into rounded shapes. Curvatures can be concave, convex or concave-convex - down to the very smallest of radii. We can achieve minimum radii of less than 800 mm, depending on the material and profile selected.

All variations of BEMO profiles are suitable for subsequent bending. The functional reliability of the products is guaranteed even after bending.

To ensure an assembly process which can compensate for construction tolerances, we recommend using the BEMO substructure systems BEMO-DOME or BEMO-FLEX. 3D measurements of the shape of the building in its current state are recommended, as is our BEMO 3D implementation planning system. 

BEMO standing seam – special rounded profiles

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