BEMO facade panels with special profiles

Special panels give each building a special individuality - thanks to almost unlimited design freedom.

BEMO facade panels with special profiles

BEMO special panels are the ideal cladding for rear-ventilated facades. They are economical, durable and aesthetic. They can be manufactured with specific profiles depending on the customer’s requirements. Fastenings can be hidden, visible or slide freely for hanging, depending on requirements and individual circumstances. BEMO offers the right solution for every requirement. Allowing flexibility in installation direction: horizontal, vertical or diagonal.

Special profiles - unique designs

BEMO special panels all have one thing in common: they are made of metal. Based on this, there is almost limitless design freedom for materials, colors and grid widths. Facade panels with special profiles can also be perforated to provide a variety of shading options for the building envelope.
We would be happy to support you in designing your BEMO facade with special or individual panels and the most suitable material combination.


The profiles shown are only examples. We would be happy to create your desired profile individually.

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