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All machines belonging to BEMO are mobile and can therefore be used directly on the project. This reduces the logistical effort, saves resources and ensures that the construction project always has an accurate and timely supply of materials for installation.

Very long panels of well over 100 metres can be produced directly on the project. Cross joints and therefore weak points in the roof are avoided. BEMO machines have already proven themselves in all climatic zones of the world.

We are ready for your project

Realize your building envelope with BEMO

We are ready for your project

BEMO distinguishes teamwork and synergetic partnership. The specialists from BEMO accompany you through all project phases and are at your side to find the optimal solutions for your project - with creativity and passion as well as many years of experience. We face every challenge and prove again and again that almost nothing is impossible.

Together with you we realize every idea!

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