BEMO-PRIMO Clip-on Façade

Hidden fastening with maximum grid size

A PRIMO clip-on façade is the optimum façade solution for high-quality industrial and commercial buildings - with great scope for design. Grid dimensions can be freely selected between 200 mm and 800 mm - also in a combination of different grid dimensions. The PRIMO substructure can be installed on any base or any substructure - whether concrete, wooden, coffer structures or a mixed base.

Using a new type of fixed point assembly, panels can also be removed and replaced after installation. This is an important plus for industrial and commercial façades with moving vehicles where damage can easily occur. Linear expansion is not subject to any constraints and is permanently and fully stress-free. This ensures premium-quality appearance of the façade.

The final assembly of the panels using the clip-on process is fast and cost-effective. Corner and jamb lipping round off the premium-quality appearance of PRIMO clip-on façades.

Panel widths and lengths can be selected freely. PRIMO rails offer variable depths. This means they can be perfectly adapted to façade penetrations.

 The perfect fastening system for composite panels. Invisible. Aesthetic. Cost-effective.

INVISIO allows year-round processing independent of the weather and allows you to make fine adjustments during final assembly.

The system offers architects and designers the possibility of using very large panel sizes (up to 6000mm x 2000mm) with near-invisible seams. Rear reinforcing of the panels is not necessary and hence saves costs.

The linear expansion of panels is compensated via the sliding fastenings to substructure rails. Seams running around the edges of the panels can have the same colour to create durable, secure seams. Of course, BEMO-BOND INVISIO is also available in rounded panels with large radii.

High-quality, perforated panels and closed cutting edges as well as perfect corner and jamb lipping round off the high-quality appearance of BEMO-BOND façades.

Of course, BEMO-BOND INVISIO is also available in rounded panels with large radii. 

BEMO-PRIMO Clip-on Façade
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BEMO-PRIMO Clip-on Facade - Assembly Instructions
BEMO-PRIMO Clip-on Facade - Assembly Instructions

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