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BEMO is at your side in all phases of your project.

System consulting: As an experienced international manufacturer of high-quality roof and façade systems, our very extensive expertise is at your disposal when addressing complex tasks for your projects. Our in-house planning office with its team of experienced civil and structural engineers, 2D and 3D planners as well as “hands-on” professionals are at your service starting with the design phase.

Basic technical evaluation: Before you issue calls for tenders, we will be happy to discuss technical details, structural pre-analysis and structural solutions with you. Whether the interspaces in the substructure, the number of wall consoles per m² or the exact calculation of OHTC and all relevant heat bridges: for us this is always the basis for every call for tenders.

Tender service: A good, detailed and correct call for tenders gives all parties involved in the project cost certainty and planning reliability, a high level of transparency and later ensures the construction project is completed to the satisfaction of all. We will be happy to take on this task for you or compile the necessary preliminary information.

Implementation planning: We compile assembly and workshop plans and detailed solutions for assembly in 2D or 3D as needed. The necessary structural calculations and proof as well as proof regarding building physics and acoustics are part of BEMO’s planning package. Also for international projects.

Planning Services


We will be happy to provide you with detailed information on our products, systems, colours and prices.
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