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On-roof installation of solar thermal system & photovoltaic modules

Solar thermal system or photovoltaic modules for heating support - when it comes to renewable energies, the question is: What and how? Generating energy from sunlight via collectors on the roof has many advantages. When it comes to their own heating and/or power supply, many rely on solar thermal and photovoltaic solutions. For the installation of solar systems and photovoltaic modules - whether on-roof installation or in-roof installation - you need a suitable basis. Systems such as BEMO Smooth are ideal for this. Smooth and modern building shells with integrated solar or photovoltaic systems. In addition, there is the possibility of seamlessly designing the roof and facade. Modern and timeless design - Smooth can be used in many different ways and makes the installation of the systems and solar modules a lot easier.

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Requirements for a swimming pool roof with variable outside temperatures

In swimming pools, unusual architecture can provide special bathing fun. However, it is not only a question of unique architecture, but also of the right construction. Because with swimming pools special conditions have to be met in the construction of the building envelope. A thermal building envelope is required, which plays a central role in addition to the system and building technology - especially on the swimming pool roof.

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