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In Umeå, Sweden, a very unique residential complex will be built, namely Glitne. It is being built on an existing mall but this is not the only thing that makes this project special. Visually, the residential complex floats above the existing block. The sculptural form swings upwards two storeys high. This momentum is achieved with individual BEMO-MONRO standing seam panels. In addition, BEMO slot-in panels and BEMO-BOND composite panels are used. All of the profile types are supplied specially for the project's retired shade, a black tone with a very low gloss and BEMO-FLON coating. The special optical elements made of copper with gold optics will radiate the residential complex.

The project is being initiated by Balticgruppen. The extraordinary architecture comes from the award-winning architectural office BIG.

In addition to the supply of the complete façade and cladding system, BEMO will also undertake the extensive planning of the façades having various profiles and materials. A unique project.