Logistical challenge in equatorial conditions:  The New Passenger Clearance Building at Zhuhai Macao-Bridge.

Being in close proximity to the Airport of Hong-Kong and directly in the flight-approaching-path of it, the roof-installation of the 39.000m2 building offered unique challenges. Instead of using the normal procedure of installing the individual roof-layers by cranes, the whole roof-segments were produced off-site, transported by a barge to site and then lifted onto the structure and into position.

The building has been placed on newly reclaimed land, directly by the sea. A three layer PVDF coating covers the BEMO standing seam sheets and protects the roof-cover from the intensive equatorial sun and the salt intensity.

The standing-seam panels are installed horizontally to suit the water flow. The seams always face the opposite direction of the water drainage. BEMO enabled this installation method by producing fit-in-panels with double-small and double-large "eyes" in the seam.

This project is another example of BEMO's ability to deliver extraordinary solutions and logistics.

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