High-rise facade renovation with BEMO

A high-rise façade in Schramberg in the Black Forest is receiving a new 3,000m² BEMO-PRIMO façade. The special feature of the renovation: the required effective U-value of 0.20 W/m²K with the highest fire protection requirements at the same time. No easy task, but possible thanks to the innovative TEKOFIX A++ substructure from BEMO!  

In order to achieve the required U-value and thus optimally renovate the high-rise building in terms of energy, BEMO already started with the planning and consultation: System consulting, static preliminary measurements as well as U-value calculation in advance. Work planning and details complete BEMO's range of services.

As a result, the high-rise building receives a TEKOFIX A++ substructure, which is almost free of thermal bridges due to its unique structure and also guarantees the highest fire resistance. The PRIMO clip-on façade system made of 1.25 mm thick steel is mounted on top of this, which provides a high-quality and durable façade appearance while at the same time being economically simple to install.  

The refurbishment will be completed in mid-2021. More impressions will follow.