Residential complex in Iceland receives BEMO building shell

From the beginning of 2020, a golden residential complex will light up in Reykjavik, Iceland. The project Kirkjusandur, which will consist of 77 apartments including a large underground car park will be home for many people and is currently in its final phase. The first truckloads are currently leaving the BEMO factory for Reykjavik.

BEMO currently produces 1600 sqm standing seam and 2600 sqm BEMO-BOND INVISIO for this beautiful project. Everything in the shimmering anodized look light gold with the high quality BEMO-FLON coating. The planning for this was also carried out by BEMO.

The project is realized with a tight schedule. Thanks to the fast and effective planning services and the flexible production of BEMO, completion at the end of January 2020 is secured.