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BEMO Halter Systems

BEMO Aluminium Halter:

The economic solution with high load-bearing capacity.

BEMO Halter Systems

The free sliding movement of the standing seam tracks even with linear expansion caused by high temperatures is one of the most important properties of a BEMO standing seam roof.  With their rounded corners, BEMO aluminium halter have been designed specially for optimum sliding performance.  TK 15 attached to the base of the halter ensure thermal decoupling.

Optimum sliding performance

  • High load-bearing capacity
  • Good sliding movement of the standing seam tracks on the halter
  • Thermal caps ensure thermal decoupling


For heat and cold bridge-free construction that lowers energy costs permanently.

The BEMO GFK thermo halter is made of fiberglass reinforced plastic and is free of thermally conductive parts. This means the thermo halter is completely heat bridge-free and helps to reduce energy costs significantly. The haltrs are fire-tested and have passed all frost and damp tests. Their characteristic features are a high level of rigidity and very good load-bearing capacity. Their slim shape means insulation can be installed without cavities.

Holder properties:

  • High load-bearing capacity
  • Very good sliding movement of the standing seam tracks on the halter
  • Completely heat bridge-free 

BEMO Clips

For easy, intuitive installation without the need to mount the halters in advance.

BEMO Clips

The BEMO clip makes for easy and fast installation of industrial standing seam profiles, just as you are used to with an artisanal standing seam. The clip has a specially developed long sliding track for easy implementation of track lengths of up to 24 m in one piece. 

The BEMO clip is available in models of 65 mm in height as well as a height of 50 mm for an even finer base. Very good extraction values allow for mounting intervals of up to 990 mm.

Halter properties:

  • Good extraction values for comparatively wide intervals between halters.
  • Good sliding movement of the standing seams tracks along the sliding zone. 


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