Façade Systems

Twenty three base colours, forty thousand variations and an infinite number of possibilities 

BEMO offers an incomparably large range of colours. For your project, this means that every required shade can be delivered - whether NCS colours or RAL colours. You can choose from 40,000 different hues. All gloss grades are available – from matt to high gloss. 

You can achieve your own special design effect with a colour you create yourself! You can mix it free of charge in our colour lab in Switzerland.

There you can develop your own individual colour, and the leading coating manufacturer worldwide will apply it to your selected parent material. A unique possibility to create the unmistakable design of your building.

Our BEMO-FLON paints provide special effects. Depending on the viewing angle, the colour changes,e.g. from brown to green, or from blue to red. 

Variety of Materials

A variety of base materials made of metal - always oriented to specific requirements of the building with regard to aesthetics, functionality, bearing capacity and cost-effectiveness. 

High-quality aluminium alloys predominate in the BEMO range. They are 100 % recyclable, can be formed safely, and are resistant to corrosion.  Painted, stuccoed, with natural finish, or pre-weathered. 

All BEMO solutions are also available in steel, stainless steel, copper and titanium zinc. These materials can also be combined within the same project.

Selecting the correct surface for metal profiles of roofs and façades heightens the visual effect of the base material and also protects it effectively against environmental influences.

Natural finish metal surfaces, brushed surfaces for stainless steel or aluminium, colour coated or BEMO-FLON. 

The variety of BEMO surfaces opens up a wide range of design options, without any compromise in material quality or the long life of the product.

The BEMO technical team will be happy to advise you in selecting the correct material for your structural requirements or for chemical resistance. Offering an incomparable variety to shape your project. 

Light and Shadow

A living façade

Façades with perforated profiles change their appearance depending on how the light falls or from special lighting. They can be used in innumerable situations – and their design possibilities are just as endless. All BEMO façade profiles are available as a perforated model. With varying hole patterns. For exciting façade design. For energy-efficient shade solutions on outside façades. For extraordinary lighting effects or for acoustic measures within buildings. Play with the variations offered by hole patterns and colour!

With perforated profiles in the base material of aluminium, they offer a wide selection of hole patterns – for all BEMO products. The hole pattern that can be used depends on structural requirements – and here, too, we will be happy to advise you. 

Shape Variety

Architecture which causes a sensation always bears an individual signature. It is born out of the creativity of its design. It is the foundation for the success of a concept. We turn your design ideas into reality. Together we can find ways and solutions to create sensational building shapes. 

Your freeform project will be planned using our 3D planning and analysis tools, developed by us in-house and implemented using patented production technologies and substructure solutions. Each single profile - whether a standing seam track or composite panel - can be individually adjusted to the required shape. For exact mapping of highly complex façade shapes. 

Our own planning department offers support from the design idea, to feasibility and optimisation analysis, physical and structural optimisation, through to implementation planning.

We will be happy to give you our support based on our experience from numerous freeform projects carried out around the world. For the perfect implementation of your ideas. 



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