Thermal bridge-free console
Thermal bridge-free console

The thermal console is used for wall structures with thermal insulation and which have to satisfy high or the very highest energy requirements. It offers up to 430 times less thermal conductivity than metal-based materials. 

It has been proved that the installation of the thermal console can mean energy savings of up to 75 %. The thickness of the wall structure is reduced significantly with the thermal console. Connections at windows and doors and the whole installation process are simplified greatly, ensuring full cost optimisation. 

The themal console meets Passive House standards.


The perfect fastening system for composite panels. Invisible. Aesthetic. Cost-effective.

The perfect fastening system for composite panels. Invisible. Aesthetic. Cost-effective.

INVISIO allows year-round processing independent of the weather and allows you to make fine adjustments during final assembly.

The system offers architects and designers the possibility of using very large panel sizes (up to 6000mm x 2000mm) with near-invisible seams. Rear reinforcing of the panels is not necessary and hence saves costs.


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BEMO-DOME substructure

The BEMO-DOME substructure offers the right substructure solution for cylindrical building shapes or those curved around 2 axes.

BEMO-DOME substructure

The standardised system is always composed of the same components and varies between round and square pipes and different holders, depending on the configuration. The substructure can be fastened to a wide variety of bases and offers tolerance compensation of +/- 45mm.

BEMO-DOME is primarily used for:

  • façades in sports stadiums 
  • silos
  • oval towers (e.g. digester towers) 
  • or at the transition points between roof and façade

In order to obtain a perfect surface on the metal profiles, we recommend performing a 3D scan to record on-site measurements and using BEMO 3D execution planning. This will give you a grid plan with the recommended mounting points with their positions and distance from the supporting structure.

The system is characterised by good load bearing capacity, perfect tolerance compensation and simple on-site assembly. 

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