BEMO corrugated profiles – the classic metal facade

Corrugated profiles are an attractive and sustainable facade solution particularly in residential buildings, but also in industrial and commercial buildings. 

In combination with the wide variety of colours, surfaces and materials, they give each building a special touch. You can select from four different sine waves, depending on the size of the facade area.

Variable profiles: horizontal and vertical

Each profile can be used horizontally or vertically. Back-ventilated curtain façades should preferably be mounted on the heat bridge-free thermal console. Also as covering for coffer systems in industrial and commercial buildings.


BEMO trapezoidal profiles – the economical solution

depending on the profile geometry, they allow for wide intervals between the required fastening points, thereby reducing the work involved on the substructure. Design variants are offered by the various profile geometries. 

BEMO trapezoidal profiles are suitable for:

  • Covering coffer systems 
  • Direct installation on substructures in unheated buildings
  • Covering back-ventilated curtain façades 
BEMO trapezoidal profiles – the economical solution

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