BEMO-BOND Façade Composite Panels

Flat - Colourful - Stylish

BEMO-BOND Façade Composite Panels

BEMOBOND panels are available in the whole range of BEMO colours - also with the option to mix your own colours in the BEMO colour laboratory. Matching fastenings and flashings can be ordered and supplied with the same batch.

BEMO-BOND composite panels are - depending on the fastening system used - available in sizes up to 6,000 mm x 2,000 mm.    

Fastenings can be visible, e.g. screws or rivets in the same colour as the panels. Hidden or invisible fastenings are available as coffer systems or using the new, innovative system BEMO-BOND INVISIO.

As an option, closed cutting edges seal the panel core for an all-round panel finish in the same colour as the panel surface.

The panels are processed in our in-house BEMO processing centre; this can also include BEMO implementation planning. The panels are pre-machined according to requirements for just-in-time delivery to the project.

Fire classifications include B-S1-d0 and A2-S1-dO. Panels are available in thicknesses of 4 mm or 6 mm. 

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