Building Physics & Planning
Calculations based on a solid foundation – our experience 

Structural Calculations / Design Solutions:

Every building, every superstructure and every design requires proof of structural soundness based on standards, system approval or simply on the basis of historical data collected. The range of requirements is extensive. European standards are often difficult to understand and keep abreast of. A strong and reliable system partner such as BEMO is thoroughly familiar with structural requirements for roof and façade systems. We calculate them for each project in our own planning office.

Proof of Building Physics

The interaction of the requirements of structural analysis and building physics and customers’ preferences can be challenging at times. It is exactly at this point that BEMO can offer solutions and approaches that take all requirements into account. Using tried and tested system solutions. Using special solutions based on experience.

From the initial draft through to complex 3D planning

In our own planning office we work with state-of-the-art planning technologies, some of which we develop in-house. Any on-site measurements which may be necessary, also using 3D scanners, will be coordinated by us. Converted to 3D models and supplemented with coordinated detailed solutions, we will be happy to carry out the whole implementation and workshop planning stage. For every project. 


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