Campus Trivaux Garenne, Clamart, France

BEMO started with the construction of the sports hall of Clamart, France. For this the standing seam profile N65-400 and BEMO-MONRO panels in aluminum Stucco pre-weathered are utilised.

For producing the 40 meter long panels, the mobile rollforming machine and curving machine were delivered to site. The building which is designed by the architects office VS-A architects, Lille and Gaëtan Le Penhuel Architectes, Paris, will get a freeform building envelope made of unique, bespoke curved BEMO-MONRO panels. BEMO already supported VS-A in 2012 during their basic design.
A unique characteristic is the open area of the building, which contains a tennis court.

© Gaëtan Le Penhuel Architectes