BEMO USA covers world landmark LeMay’s America’s Car Museum

Nov. 4 2013 – Bemo USA Corporation, a leading manufacturer of standing seam metal roof systems, supplied the world-class museum with its distinctive cover.

On October 29, 2013, Fox News Travel listed the LeMay America’s Car Museum as one of  “10 incredible landmarks that you haven’t seen (yet!)”. The museum is in good company with other landmarks in China, Australia, Japan, Finland and the US. Attached is the link:

Bemo USA, not only produced the standard constant width machine curved 400 mm panels in .040 bare aluminum but also provided computer modeling and onsite technical service.

“At first blush, the changing geometry of the roof seemed to dictate the need for multi-axis or BEMO-MONRO type panels or a series of shorter panels lapping one another.” explained Odis Sutterfield, Jr, Vice President, Director of Sales and Marketing. However, because of a limited amount of time and budget requirements, standard width continuous curved panels were the only solution. Bemo USA’s innovative team approach of engineers and installers started by first designing a computer generated model of the structure. Then they rendered and inserted each individual panel into the model. Fitting the panels into the model provided the angle necessary to place the Bemo standard halters and BEMO-HOOK Clips over the  entire building. After the computer model was completed, Bemo USA built a mock-up to verify the workability of the panels and the structure. 

Quoting Fox News Travel, “Underneath the corrugated aluminum roof that gleams like a fender, this sprawling complex displays more than 700 iconic cars, trucks and motorcycles”. LeMay America’s Car Museum has made its mark on the Tacoma, Washington landscape and apparently the world.